Flow Chart Template in Excel

Use a flow chart to define and document your processes.

Flow Chart Software

There are lots of flow chart software packages but did you know you can easily draw a flow chart using Excel's drawing tools? QI Macros Add-in for Excel includes two flow chart templates to help you get started:

flowchart template in Excel

Swimlane Flow Chart

swimlane flowchart template in Excel

How to Create a Flow Chart

  1. Using square Post-it® notes (use squares as activities, rotated into a diamond, they represent a decision), begin listing activities (verb-noun) and decisions (questions?).
  2. Once you have all of the notes on a sheet of easel paper, order them, from the first to the last.
  3. Then identify the group or department that does each set of steps on the top of the flowchart. Realign the activities to fit under the appropriate group.
  4. Identify the major steps of the process on the left side (planning, doing, checking, acting to improve). Realign the activities to coincide with the main steps of the process.
  5. Use arrows to connect the activities and decisions. (We found Sticky Notes shaped like arrows on Amazon.)

Other Charts Included in QI Macros Add-in for Excel