Type 3 Gage R&R Study

QI Macros Template Makes It Easy to Run a Type 3 Gage R&R Study

  • Typical Gage R&R studies use 10 parts, 2-3 appraisers and 2-3 trials (3 x 3 x 10).
  • A Type 3 Gage R&R study uses 30 parts, one appraiser (CMM machine), 5 trials (1 x 5 x 30).

To Conduct a Type 3 Gage RR Study Using QI Macros:

Open the Gage R&R Template and click on the Type 3 GRR tab.

  1. The input area is 30 columns (parts) x 5 rows (trials). Input your measurements into these cells.

    type 3 gage r&r input area
  2. QI Macros will calculate GR&R using the Average and Range method (the ANOVA method does not apply).

    You may also set the Specification Tolerance:

    Example of type 3 gage r&r results


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